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Saturday, February 18, 2006

What Should I whittle?

... More about Whittling later, first a recap of todays moods:
  • CREASE UP! (found SGT Dixons blog)
  • lonely
  • buzzing for bushcraft trip avec Lewis
  • lonely
  • my legs hurt from Cycling
  • full of sausage roll
  • lonely

Moving swiftly on, What should i whittle? ive dried out some wood for when i go camping but i want to decide what im going to whittle before i get there, it cant be complicated cos im not very good and my knife isnt razor sharp, but it needs to be complicated enough to keep me occupied.

Any suggestions?

woah! i just realised that im pretty good at keeping secrets! ok maybe telling you that will make you suspicious and i might blow it, but dang its been a while and nobody who shouldnt know knows, well except me, and probably one other person but i didnt tell them so its all good!

CAMPING ON TEUSDAY WOOOOO! ... will post a log with the story of our trip!


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