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Monday, February 27, 2006


Well i didnt whittle anything, infact the wood was used to keep the dismil fire going long enough to cook some food. Luckily the trip was a complete failure and therefore the rest of the years camping trips should (theoretically) be much milder.

Well the rest of the holiday was crap, my dad is making me pay for all the camping stuff i bought which my mum said that i wouldnt have to pay for :( . Gwen was mighty pissed that i found her blog, heheheehe.

still single and i cant really say that im looking for anyone, mainly cos im lazy. I think Claire wants me to go out with Lizzie which is stupid cos i really dont like lizzie atall, i mean shes ok but well..... shes really stupid.

Cadets has been suck ass, no one is turning up n its just really boring at the mo, not that im going to quit because i love it but i think its got very political and there are 3 main groups:

  • New cadets: pretty self explainitary, they aint got much going for them.
  • Older/better cadets: we can kind of mingle with any of the other groups and were ( i spose) popular with all the other groups
  • NCO's: i guess take alot of flak because everyone has something horrible to say about them, which is unfair cos they do a good job, that and our "group" gets on with them well.

and thats about it... but its getting more and more like 60's America (obviously were not telling them to sit at the back of the bus and lyniching each other) but it feels segregated.


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