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Friday, February 17, 2006

In The Beginning.....

ooooh dramatic!

ok well sadly i dont actually have much to talk about, but one will attempt to entertain.

Had a "Bravo Two Zero" moment today (you know the bit when they get spotted in the river bed) well i was running around some wood in my DPM and as i crested the top of a small vally i heard sticks snapping, quickly hitting the dirt i noticed a black dog 50 meters away from me on the other side of the clearing, raising my head above the sparse vegitation to get a better view the dog snapped its head honing on my position.

After several heart beats of eye contact a figure emerged from the treeline, with what appeared to be a shotgun of sorts. The adrenalin pulsed, a deeply engrained soldier sense took over, I rolled sideways over the crest of the vally and off a 4 foot drop, concealing myself under an overhang.

The footsteps above vibrated through my fingertips, face huddled into the SAS para smock clinging to tree roots pertruding from the bottom, muscles aching.

bang, two trainers flew over the top of the overhang followed by a boy, landing inches away from me, relaxing my grip, i knew i was safe.

well if that didnt make you leave i dont know what will.

i could rant about valentines day? no? ok. until next time.


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