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Sunday, March 05, 2006

the shit is 1mm from a wind tunnel fan.

well, WOW!

stayed at Milroys last night, and damn bedlington is a warzone! first we got attacked by some old guys cos some charvs that were near us hit his car with a snowball, and he thought it woz us, so he threatend to call the police. (by this point i was shitting myself so hard that i couldve flown away), the adrenalin rushed and a soldier sense took over, we must have ran about 2K to a wood and even then we wernt safe, walking along side the river the risk of charv attack was ever present. Anyway we finally made it back to milroys and i thought that was all the action for the night. WRONG!

at 9oclock we went out again and this guy just appeard from nowhere behind us, grunting "tabs, you got tabs". about 3 seconds later a police van speeds along skidding onto the curb and 3 policemen jump out, trunchen in hand. i guess at first i thought they were after us because of the snowball thing, then i thought that they thought that we were with this guy. then they said "run along lads". Safe i whisperd to myself. another 40M down the road the van pulled up again, again the blood pounded a tattoo on the inside of my skull, then once again releaved as they asked what the druggie guy was doing.

That was it, probably not bad by some peoples standards but it was a first time for me and i had browned myself thourgoughly.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Meh. Well im angry, for no reason really, well nothing that concerns me much. But its just soooo annoying, Claire has no right to blame milroy for their relationship being flushed down the toilet and eaten by a hobo because the simple fact is that ITS HER FUCKING FAULT! she is the one ignoring him, plus i noticed that she smells like a subtle blend of sick matured in oak casks for 10 years.

but apart from that im fairly ok, a little confused as to where i stand on some things and felling dissapointed that society is a fuck up, i cant stop thinking about injustice among us. I mean lets face it the government doesnt give a shit about what we think and firmly believe that an ASBO is the answer to everything (not that i have an ASBO) but i watched some program and a kid got one for hanging around in public with his friends? wtf?

Another thing, whats with all these asains going on strike in london when the comics were made in the fucking netherlands, why do we put up with them, i mean they must hate England because they go on strike enough. if they dont like it why dont they just fuck off. I mean at cadets we even got warned by some letter sent from the military police that we might get attacked by arabs because we're in uniform. HELLO WERE KIDS! we have no part in your petty brainwash terror religion so leave us the fuck alone. I used to have no problem with muslims and such but after being told that they might attack me because i have a military uniform on.

anyway thats me done for now. im sleepy.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Well i didnt whittle anything, infact the wood was used to keep the dismil fire going long enough to cook some food. Luckily the trip was a complete failure and therefore the rest of the years camping trips should (theoretically) be much milder.

Well the rest of the holiday was crap, my dad is making me pay for all the camping stuff i bought which my mum said that i wouldnt have to pay for :( . Gwen was mighty pissed that i found her blog, heheheehe.

still single and i cant really say that im looking for anyone, mainly cos im lazy. I think Claire wants me to go out with Lizzie which is stupid cos i really dont like lizzie atall, i mean shes ok but well..... shes really stupid.

Cadets has been suck ass, no one is turning up n its just really boring at the mo, not that im going to quit because i love it but i think its got very political and there are 3 main groups:

  • New cadets: pretty self explainitary, they aint got much going for them.
  • Older/better cadets: we can kind of mingle with any of the other groups and were ( i spose) popular with all the other groups
  • NCO's: i guess take alot of flak because everyone has something horrible to say about them, which is unfair cos they do a good job, that and our "group" gets on with them well.

and thats about it... but its getting more and more like 60's America (obviously were not telling them to sit at the back of the bus and lyniching each other) but it feels segregated.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What Should I whittle?

... More about Whittling later, first a recap of todays moods:
  • CREASE UP! (found SGT Dixons blog)
  • lonely
  • buzzing for bushcraft trip avec Lewis
  • lonely
  • my legs hurt from Cycling
  • full of sausage roll
  • lonely

Moving swiftly on, What should i whittle? ive dried out some wood for when i go camping but i want to decide what im going to whittle before i get there, it cant be complicated cos im not very good and my knife isnt razor sharp, but it needs to be complicated enough to keep me occupied.

Any suggestions?

woah! i just realised that im pretty good at keeping secrets! ok maybe telling you that will make you suspicious and i might blow it, but dang its been a while and nobody who shouldnt know knows, well except me, and probably one other person but i didnt tell them so its all good!

CAMPING ON TEUSDAY WOOOOO! ... will post a log with the story of our trip!

Friday, February 17, 2006

In The Beginning.....

ooooh dramatic!

ok well sadly i dont actually have much to talk about, but one will attempt to entertain.

Had a "Bravo Two Zero" moment today (you know the bit when they get spotted in the river bed) well i was running around some wood in my DPM and as i crested the top of a small vally i heard sticks snapping, quickly hitting the dirt i noticed a black dog 50 meters away from me on the other side of the clearing, raising my head above the sparse vegitation to get a better view the dog snapped its head honing on my position.

After several heart beats of eye contact a figure emerged from the treeline, with what appeared to be a shotgun of sorts. The adrenalin pulsed, a deeply engrained soldier sense took over, I rolled sideways over the crest of the vally and off a 4 foot drop, concealing myself under an overhang.

The footsteps above vibrated through my fingertips, face huddled into the SAS para smock clinging to tree roots pertruding from the bottom, muscles aching.

bang, two trainers flew over the top of the overhang followed by a boy, landing inches away from me, relaxing my grip, i knew i was safe.

well if that didnt make you leave i dont know what will.

i could rant about valentines day? no? ok. until next time.